Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not-So-Mellow Yellow

Lately it seems like yellow has been the forerunner of this season's It colors. Because of my Asian-ish skin tone yellow clothing doesn't look so great on me, but that doesn't mean I can't accessorize with the color. Below are a few things that have inspired me to punch things up a little bit the spring with some (yellow) color.

Anthropologie has a great selection of yellow dresses and blouses. Once again, I wouldn't wear any of them because they would make me look like I had jaundice. Nevertheless, the website has some lovely items that are worth checking out.

I love the rooms in the Byblos Art Hotel. You'd think a hotel in Verona would be decorated in a kind of over-the-top romantic theme. Instead, Byblos created a fresh and modern look that I think a modern-day Romeo and Juliet would approve of.

Agathe of StyleBytes showed off her great yellow, open-toed pumps last week. You can find a similar pair at

Marimekko wall hanging available for purchase at CB2.
Purses by Izzac Mizrahi for Target. Yellow wayfarers available at



WendyB said...

Someone who considered herself a fashion expert once told me, "No one will wear yellow." I'm still bitter about it! I want to call her, yell "You were wrong!" and hang up.

Lynn said...

Yep I've the same problem too, worse in fact coz I'm 100% Asian, but it is a nice color. I think if you find the right shade, it'd suit you well. So long as you don't step out looking like Big Bird, yellow IS a fun color.

Anonymous said...

The Target purses are a great find! I always appreciate your financially responsible approach to fashion.

Secretista said...

Yellow is so the color for Spring! I can't wait since it looks great with my skin color!

LalaLiu said...

aww, the color yellow always makes me happy!

AsianCajuns said...

Wendyb, you totally should! Fashion experts should know there are no rules when it comes to fashion.

Lynn, yep, I'd stay away from yellow scarves just because it would be right up against my skin, but yellow pumps would work.

e.a., I almost always stay away from expensive items because they don't seem realistic. Even if I won the lottery tomorrow I couldn't justify spending $2000 on a purse.

Secretista, you should totally work it! I can't wait to see your spring outfits on your blog.

Lalaliu, there's no doubt that yellow is the cheeriest color out there!

Unknown said...

I want that yellow room! These are all great, yellow is my favorite color.

kokostiletto said...

first of all - i love that hotel room! i want my apartment to look like that! also, i think yellow looks really good on asian tones actually! it makes us look tanner!

AsianCajuns said...

Heather, I know! I wish I could afford to decorate my room like that.

Bitterbabe, you might be right there. I haven't bought a yellow piece of clothing recently, but maybe I'll give it another try.

Alya said...

I feel sorry for yellow not flattering your skintone. I love it, and thank goodness it sorta likes me too!

AsianCajuns said...

Pomegranate, don't feel too sorry for us - we can still wear yellow accessories!