Tuesday, February 26, 2008

AsianCajun Oscar Favorites

I admit that neither of us watched the Oscars - or even the pre-event red carpet coverage, but that doesn't mean we can't share our opinions on last night's fashions. Actually, we were going to create a list of favorites and a list of least favorites for this post, but there weren't any dresses that we disliked. So below are just four of the gowns we really loved.

Anne Hathaway in Marchesa:
This dress was our absolute favorite. The color is Valentino red, but with classic Marchesa touches like the ruffles up the shoulders and lots of drape-y fabric. Hathaway's stylist did a great job of keeping the hair and accessories simple.

Keri Russell in Nina Ricci:
Even in her Felicity days, Keri Russell gravitated towards simple, gray/silver dresses. This Nina Ricci is like a more grown-up version of the Armani she wore to the 1999 Emmy's, with a defined waist and corseted top.

Cameron Diaz in Christian Dior:
We love anything that's Dior, so Cameron Diaz's gown had to be included in this post. The fit looks great on her athletic body and the geometric folds of the fabric prevent it from looking too bride-like. Our only suggestion would be to include some jewelry on the wrists or neck and a cleaner 'do.

Renee Zellweger in Carolina Herrera:
It seems like Renee Zellweger will never stray from Herrera, but does anyone else think that this looks almost Versace-esque? We like the lines cascading down from the hip and the dress's overall pizazz.

Photos from Style.com



Secretista said...

Anne Hathaway!!! <333

Adriani said...

yeap! Anne Hathaway is definitely one of the best dressed! (also love Marion Cotillard mermaid dress)

That hot red totally compliments her fair complexion.

And you're right about her accessories too!

Fashion Tidbits said...

Katherine Heigl was very chic too!

Lynn said...

Loved all the dresses you put on this post, also all the other reds worn that night - Heidi Klum and Katherine Heigl. Kerrie Russel is gorgeous but I think she should put on a bit more weight, she looks frail this time...

geri hirsch said...

keri russelln always manages to look stunning!

faithsalutes said...

Cameron Diaz needed jewelry and cleaner hair...and I am all about surfer hair, but not at the Oscars. Otherwise, I concur.

mermer said...

my fave was marion cotillard's! what did you think of that one? too bad brangelina weren't in attendance. haha.

Alya said...

U chose my favorites too! I have more faves though.

Ela said...

I think Cameron Diaz looks stunning ...though I could be completely distracted by her amazingly toned arms *green with envy*

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day :) I'm in the process of "moving" to the URL I linked to my name. Thanks for posting - I missed the Oscars as well!