Friday, February 29, 2008

Crossing the Pond: Bensimon Shoes

According to Nylon, the famous French Bensimon walking shoes will soon be available stateside. I tried to figure out when and where this will be happening on Bensimon's website, but I couldn't find any additional information. So at some point "[t]his season" I'll be able to purchase a pair without leaving the country (Nylon, March 2008).

Update: Thanks to a comment from the Bensimon US PR rep, the shoes will be available in three weeks - yay! I'll be making a trip over to Bill Hallman next month to get my own pair.

Currently - even with the internet and Thomas Friedman's claim that the world is flat - it is impossible to get your hands on a new pair of Bensimon tennis shoes if you live in the U.S. You literally have to fly over to France and purchase them. So here's hoping that the shoes will be available stateside sooner than later.

Bensimon fans: Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Cameron Diaz and Kate Moss.



Unknown said...

I do the public relations for Bensimon here in the US and they will be available here in about 3 weeks once the shoes clear customs. They will be available at Bloomingdales, Tani (New York), Jumelle (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) Kick’s Sole Provider (Los Angeles), Lulu’s (Miami) and the Bill Hallman Boutique (Atlanta). They have styles for men, women, and kids. I hope you enjoy!

AsianCajuns said...

Thanks for the info, Andrea! I can't wait!

Secretista said...

I've never heard of those shoes before! Nice. They look pretty sweet.

Michelle said...

Ooh, I like the white pair..

Anonymous said...

Saved 20% on shoe by using a coupon code while online shopping.

Anonymous said...

was just browsing and found them online at great colors. three different styles. and so affordable. i already purchased two pairs.

AsianCajuns said...

Thanks for the tip Anonymous!

a supreme blog said... for a list of retailers

Anonymous said...

all store locations and online retailers are listed on, there is a lot of other information on that blog as well!

a supreme blog said...

OMG!!! Bensimons flew off of the shelves! We can't even get pairs for ourselves. There are a few retailers left in the US with them. The current "best bets" are below. You might have to call and order!
Marie Eiffel
8 Grand Ave
Shelter Island, NY 11964

2020 Broadway # 1
New York, New York