Saturday, February 23, 2008

Color Inspiration

The trend of mixing jewel tones has been going strong ever since Prada's Spring 2007 RTW line, but I was inspired to do a post on it today when I saw this Free People necklace online.

Free People Crystal Spectrum Necklace

Don't even look at the price unless you are willing to spend $200+ on it. But there's hope for those of us who don't have that kind of money. I've put together some jewel tone items that won't break the bank:

1.) Heritage 1981
2.) American Apparel Nylon Taffeta Wind Breaker
3.) American Apparel Figure Skater Dress
4.) Fred Flare Swan Lake sunglasses
5.) American Apparel Baby Rib Dog T
6.) Forever 21
7.) Banana Republic
8.) Top Shop Bright Tregging



Secretista said...

Love it. Love it. Love it!

Lynn said...

Love the Fred Flare's glasses the most!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I really love the necklace the model is wearing in the first picture.

Wendy said...

I want that skirt from Forever21!

WendyB said...

Ha ha! Is that a peke in #5?

AsianCajuns said...

Love your enthusiasm, Secretista!

Lynn, me too! And they're only $10!

Jen, I love it too - I hope someone makes a cheaper version of it.

Wendy, I knew you would!

Wendyb, I don't know about dog types, but that little guy was too cute not to include.

kokostiletto said...

loving the jewel tones!! i bought the figure skater dress in grey - it's so freaking short i had to exchange it for a medium!