Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Safari Chic on the Cheap

A lot of fashion bloggers have been writing about Old Navy's new Urban Explorer line. Most of the items are Safari-inspired. Safari-themed fashion seems have become more of classic style than a trend and the clean lines of Old Navy's clothing reflects that.

My safari inspiration board:

Images from Style.com, background fabric from Lewis & Sheron Textile Co.

I think we can thank Todd Oldham for this great turnaround at Old Navy. Apparently in March the store will release its Palm Beach themed line. I can't wait.

Safari Romper and Printed Belted Dress both $29.50:

Canvas Wedges and Platform Sandals both $34.50:


Fashion Tidbits said...

i loved the Rag & Bone collection!. this stuff looks interesting too. i hope the romper-outfit is comfortable?

Wendy said...

I love the pair of sandals on the right. I saw it on the website and just loved the coloring.

faithsalutes said...

The new Domino Mag also has a little blurb on a photographer who works in Africa...for inspiration.

Lynn said...

The sandals and the wedges rock!

Lynn said...

Love the new avatar!

Jacquelyn said...

Love the new photo of you. So that's what you look like close up.

WendyB said...

Cute shoes.

s.i. michaels said...

Love those wedges! And if only the romper was a dress.

Secretista said...

I can't wait to go Spring shopping. Warm weather come now now noww!!!

Unknown said...

interesting stuff
i like it
grea blog
to inks

Tabitha said...

I was just there this weekend and lots of cute stuff...I totally forgot that Todd Oldham was a designer there...makes so much more sense on why I'm liking their new stuff.

AsianCajuns said...

Fashion Tidbits, I though about that. I guess a romper would be uncomfortable for someone with a long torso!

Wendy, I know, they're the perfect shades.

Faithsalutes, I loved her tent - it's so luxurious looking.

Thanks Lynn - we decided it was about time.

Thanks Jacquelyn!

You said it WendyB.

Ambika - that romper would make a cute dress. I bet you could turn it into one.

Thanks Maru.

Fashion Therapist, I remembered the Todd Oldham fact when I first saw the line because it's so different from Old Navy's former lines.

Unknown said...

thaks for the help
i do have black boots but its kinda of hot here we'r in summer
so i dunno
but thanks for the advise i love your style
so could you help ma alittle more?
by telling my exactly waht shirt with what skirt and tee?
if it doesnt boder you.
if not it's ok
but thanks anyway

aschlee said...

I'd kind of given up hope in 'Old Navy' but looking at what you posted I might have to give them another chance. Nice style choices.

AsianCajuns said...

Maru, I'd love to help. Let me take another look at what you've got in your closet...

aschlee, I feel the same way. yay for Old Navy!

kokostiletto said...

omg I went to old navy this weekend and i couldn't find that dress!!