Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh yes, Folks. The Return of the Jeans Jacket

Kirsten Dunst, asos's version, Rachel Bilson. Photos from

How many of you out there have one languishing in the back of your closet? Mine has been there for at least eight years... mocking me with it's boxy cut, lightwash denim and J.Crew label. I was told a jean jacket is a classic, but yet it has been unwearable for at least the last 7 years (hey, no sniggering ... I was not nearly as fashion-conscious in high school).
Well, the waiting, forbearance of unrelenting mocking, and pack-rat tendencies have paid off... it's back! And not in its dark-washed, cropped, bastardized incarnation... this is the real deal... the way Levi Strauss wanted it: roomy, plenty of stamped metal buttons, and sturdy seamed sleeves on which to wipe one's brow after a long days work.
Though I would usually discourage the jean+jean jacket look, Ms. Cruz pulls it off with aplomb.

I love Kirsten Dunst's slightly oversized, drape-y version and prefer this to the head-to-toe-jean-swaddled look.
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Unknown said...

i will probably never rock the jean jacket, it makes me feel too trailer. leather, however, is a year round staple.

Miss T said...

Oh yeah baby, I have one waiting in the wings for such a time as this. I hope they don’t become common again, I want to look retro and cool not chavy and uncouth.

L.I.N said...

i have one boxy jeans jacket in my closet!i used to wear them with pants and i felt really mini and stout. that's why it's never been worn for years :D

aschlee said...

wooow it's like having an old friend you haven't seen in years just surprise you with a visit. It's so 90210 ...I like it.

Lain said...

Lauren you're right--Penelope Cruz can do what she wants! Gracious alive!

Alya said...

That's a new one for me. I don't think I'll be wearing one any time soon.. High school is not too far a time for me (5 yrs ago).. Maybe in another 5 years?

However, Penelope Cruz surprisingly works a great look, even though its jeans on jeans!

Anonymous said...

I have a very dark bomber version I got from the thrift store that I don't wear nearly enough. Not sure about the light washes...

Jill said...

I still have my jean jackets (yes plural, one dark and one light) but I'll probably never do the jeans and jean jacket combo again, even if Penelope pulls it off.

geri hirsch said...

im so excited, you have no idea!!

Mare said...

Hi guys! This is the one time I disagree with you, yet agree with you too! No, the jean jacket has never, and will never, go out of style. I could give you many examples of where it works, and works very well, but there's not enough space here! (Your photos give an idea though--Bilson et al. Those looks are not new, and all three of those photos show how I particularly like to wear mine.) I absolutely agree though--I think only Penelope Cruz can pull off that jean jacket and jeans look, and even so...hmmm, I'm not loving it. A jean jacket!? A classic is classic. :-)

AsianCajuns said...

Wow, guys! The light-wash jean jacket= the good(ish), the bad, and the ugly. I love it! And I'm up for a challenge: wear the light wash and see what happens. We'll post photos so you can decide.

Belle, I have to say I understand the "trailer" vibe, though this is tempered when you have a jacket from super-preppy, overpriced J.Crew.

Fashion-desciplexxx, I think, as our other fashionable comment-ers hint, the jeans jacket is not in fact loved by all- I think you and I are safe pulling ours out-woot, woot!

Eleh, I feel the same- mini and stout... so I plan to wear some high, high heels ;)

Aschlee... very 90210, but less drama.

Lain, yessirree.

Pomegranate, if the light-wash is too daunting (very understandably), a darker wash in a new shape is definitely something to give a go.

Ambika, I completely understand your hesitation... bet that bomber rocks!

Jill, the jeans-on-jeans definitely better left to the pros- by which I mean those with stylists, hair people, make-up people, personal trainers, etc.

Addicted, so glad someone else shares my enthusiasm about this not so trendy trend ;)

Mare, glad you dis/agree! I remember you wearing jean jackets when I was younger and thinking "my aunt mare is so cool!" (classic like the jacket ;) You also had a clear telephone that lit up neon that I coveted.


I adore my jean jacket! Such a classic.