Monday, May 5, 2008

Coachella: Summer Dressing Inspiration

Most of you fashion bloggers and fans will have already seen the great coverage on street wear displayed at Coachella, but I've been desperately looking for some good summer inspiration and this is it.

Below: two of my favorite (and opposing) summer looks. The boho look on the left is updated with a maxi dress. And I love the graphic simplicity of the bright pink shirt, shorts and Tom's shoes combo.

If you scroll through all 34 looks, you'll notice there's a theme. Almost everyone's outfit is a compilation of vintage finds and Urban Outfitter/Topshop pieces. I think the three below are the most uniquely dressed of the bunch.

See it all on here.



Michelle said...

Looking at this pictures make me jealous! I wanna be there too..

dance with me forever said...

i love summer dresses! fun fun fun

Mare said...

I love the middle pic: the shorts, boots, and scarf. Wish I could pull that off, but not gonna happen!

J.M. Powell said...

i love the belted tube dress, i think i must try

saray said...

I love the street style in Coachella!

you choose great outfits!

The Fancier said...

I like all the looks but my favorite is the black and white dress with the belt and white wayfarers!

Jill said...

I love seeing good summer style, because people tend not to bother in the summer.

AsianCajuns said...

I hear you, Miss Woo!

Helvetica, I can't wait to see your summer dresses on your blog.

Mare, me too and same here!

Juliam, i can't wait to see!

thanks Saray!

August, yep, that was some great styling.

Jill, I couldn't agree more - that's why I did the post!

geri hirsch said...

the fashion at coachella was great! so entertaining! love your high waisted shorts in the post before this!

- said...

it was very inspirational the cover they made of coachella. spceaiclly all the vintage hippie outfits... they are perfect for summer