Friday, May 23, 2008

More Kate Moss at TopShop

The latest Kate Moss collection for Topshop is now available online. I don't own anything from this collaboration, but that's mostly because of the ridiculously weak dollar and not my indifference towards the clothes. In fact, I like how the clothes really do look like they've come directly from Kate's closet.

The same can't be said for other celebrity lines out there. Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line is wonderfully cheap, but doesn't represent her daring fashion sense. With $350 leggings Mary Kate and Ashley's line seems to reflect their wallets more than their homeless-chic look. And Mandy Moore's Mblem line is not memorable since the singer/actor isn't known for her personal style.

Cocaine snorting videos aside, Kate Moss can hold her head up high. Her Topshop collaboration achieves its goal of capturing that special Kate Mossiness. Below are a few examples.

Button-up tank

On Kate:

Topshop's Strappy Vest (about $12):
Hot Pants

On Kate:

Topshop's Denim Hotpant (about $50)
Little Black Dress (with embellishments)

On Kate:

Topshop's Lace Dress (about $240):

On Kate:

Topshop's Metallic Beaded Top (about $130):

Fitted Jacket

On Kate:

Topshop's Embroidered Pinstripe Jacket (about $130):
Ethnic Patterns

On Kate:

Topshop's Mirror Hotpants (about $120):
Hopefully Kate Moss will still be designing for Topshop in 50-100 years when the US will no longer have a $9 trillion deficit and super low interests rates that make the dollar weaker than Zach Braff's chin!

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Anniq said...

cool, some of the garments are really nice..but I must admit those last shorts are a little iffy, especially at the crotch/fly area! but maybe thats just me! haha

Anonymous said...

hi! how are you doing! wow... theres no topshop stores in my area (MD -- where you guys were from)... its kind of sad, I really want some topshop stuff... thanks for the link... hopefully they will have some topshop stuff here... and lovely stuff!

take care,

karla deras said...

kate moss is a genius, wish I could buy every single item of her collection but sadly there is no topshop here :(

Danika said...

I love that last pair of shorts, I'm almost tempted to buy them, too bad they are so expensive (I'm a thrift store kind of girl through and through), some of her other items are a tad iffy though.

AsianCajuns said...

Mulanne, I think only Kate Moss can wear hotpants. I know they'd look ridiculous on me!

Kyutie, it would be amazing if Topshop could open some locations in the states (apart from their NYC boutique). In the meantime, we'll have to satisfy ourselves with high shipping costs from the UK.

Karla, can you purchase the items online?

Muriel Mercurial, I love them too, but I doubt they'd fit me. And I'm not willing to risk it for a pair that cost over $100!

Anonymous said...

great post!
Kate has a fab personal style.
I havent´e reeeally check out the new collcection but i like the part that you show us!


aizat.cinta.goddess said...

love kate moss!!the short pants is so cool!!i love the indian style!!

Secretista said...

o0o I can't wait for TopShop to open up in NYC this October!

Yea, I like SJP's Bitten line, but only a few pieces reflect her style. Otherwise, it's just some cute cheap and slightly chic clothing.

Danz said...

This line is very Kate Mossy. I like the beaded top and the pinstripe jacket. Also, the print on the hotpants is nice.

J.M. Powell said...

oh, that is so painful to look at. i totally want it all but there's no way i'm paying the exchange rate cost plus shipping. ouch.



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Anonymous said...

love that pin striped jacket it sucks theres no topshop i the states

Anonymous said...

Loved this post:)

Caroline said...

I NEED THOSE SHORTS and that embellished pinstriped jacket. uhrg i hate being broke.

Fashion Tidbits said...

Zach Braff's chin is a little hard to conquer, i reckon! :P

angie goff said...

For the pear shapes like you think all Kate's bottom designs will be cigarette or hot pants? I hope she breaks out some menswear inspired trousers! fingers crossed!

ediot said...

thanks for posting these. i really like her collections. the include simple but beatiful garnments.
have a great week!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

I want so many of these pieces. Why is the American dollar so weak???