Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gap Modern

It really should be Lauren blogging about this (she graduated with a major in Art History), but she's out of town and I think this is the best thing since sliced bread.

In conjunction with the Whitney Biennial, Gap is selling limited edition t-shirts designed by well-known and soon-to-be-well-known artists featured in the Whitney Museum's famous exhibition.

The list of artists:
My absolute favorite design is by Barbara Kruger. I've been a huge fan of Kruger since learning about her in my one and only modern art history class (I unfortunately majored in business and economics).

I love this shirt. I want to buy this shirt. There are two reasons why I haven't already punched in my credit card number at First, it only comes in mens sizes, which means it might just look incredibly boxy and ridiculous on me. Secondly, the message of the shirt is anti-consumerism, so I'd feel like a big fat hypocrite if I bought it.

Any thoughts? Should I overcome my shame of being a hypocrite and not worry about the size? Or should I just buy a poster of Kruger's artwork and be done with it?


Stephanie said...

I would buy the poster. Not because I'm trying to give some major advice, but only because the guy's shirt would be loose.

I went to GAP today and lucked out by finding a pair of jeans that was regular $68 for only $15. It was a GREAT day. :)

Danz said...

These tees look pretty cool, I'm particularly liking the Chuck Close one. Problem is, I don't really wear t shirts so I'd either end up chopping it up to make something else or it may just sit in my drawer never to be seen again.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

i really need one of those shirt..i always cant have it the few past years!!

Jill said...

If they are in any Gap stores near you, I'd try it on, if it fits well enough, why not?

ROBOTS said...

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Anonymous said...

that´s pretty cool... now i need to google some names :D

EvaAmarri said...

The tees look cool. I'd wear them.

angie goff said...

Ok so I know this sounds crazy but it's the rule I follow when I fall in love with something I want to wear. ANYTHING..even a t-shirt can be taken in. My it... take it to your fav tailor and have them slim it down. The t-shirt is hot- you can make it happen and promise it won't cost much! ps- love your blog name!

Lynn said...

Personally I won't. But somehow I can totally see you in it, cinched at the waist, sleeves folded, black tights and paired with one of your lovely boots. AND a red hat to top it off!

AsianCajuns said...

Thanks for the advice Stephanie. Some of my best finds have been on the Gap sales rack. $15 for Gap jeans is hard to beat!

Danz, I'm kind of the same way. I'm not really a t-shirt person, but I just like the graphic-ness of the shirt.

Aizat, let me know if you end up purchasing one!

Good call Jill. I might have to actually leave my couch and make a trip to the mall.

Robots, wha..? Are you blogspam?

Key, you should! It'll be like a mini art history class!

Fashion Ivy, even the men's sizes?

Angie Goff, I'm liking your advice. I've never had a t-shirt tailored, but I might do just that!

Lynn, you should be a stylist! A red hat would be amazing! Maybe I'll put that on my summer shopping list...

Natasha said...

I'd say go for the tee...Kruger was obviously willing to make it, so I think it's ok. :) Plus, it funds art.

AsianCajuns said...

Excellent points Natasha!

Anonymous said...