Friday, May 30, 2008

Decatur Arts Festival

As mentioned in an earlier post, we attended the Decatur Arts Festival (20th annual!) last weekend and it did not disappoint. The 150 tents were chock-a-block with fantastic artwork, the funnel cake was delicious, and the live music gets better and better every year.

In the photo below, Lauren is checking out Liz Williams' abstracts. A number of her works are also available at the local Boswell Gallery.

A view of the tents on the west side of the bandstand.

Artist Maurice Cook always paints next to his booth at the festival. He was the poster artist for the 2006 festival and is a local favorite.

I love Signe Grushovenko's paintings. If I didn't spend all my hard-earned cash on clothes I would have plunked down the $15o for a small painting. Click here to see some more of his artwork.

This stilt walker is at the festival every year and she's got skills! She'll spend all day up on those stilts without tiring and has a number of costume changes (she's a very fashion forward stilt walker, which I highly approve of).

Below is a close-up of Felix Berroa's tent. I think he's one of the best artists in the show. For those of you local Atlantans that missed him last weekend, you can visit his tent at the upcoming VA Highland Summerfest.

Lauren purchased some great earrings from jeweler Dolores Fawkes. She hadn't put on earrings that day and these matched her outfit, so we decided her buying them was meant to be.

So there you have it. The 2008 Decatur Arts Festival in a nutshell.

I can't wait until next year's festival. Luckily the Decatur Book Festival is only three months away - it's just like the arts festival, but instead of art there's books, and most importantly, there will be funnel cake!



Stephanie said...

I still can't get passed the funnel cake. Did you write more words after that or...

Good job ladies. You're much more cultured than I could ever be. :)

AsianCajuns said...

Thanks Stephanie! I don't know if I can be considered cultured if I focus more on funnel cake than artwork. Funnel Cake - so delicious...

Unknown said...

Great photos!
There will be a few artists at the book festival, I promise, for your browsing pleasure. And funnel cakes.

E. said...

i have to admit i go to those outdoor festivals just for the funnel cake... ahhhh... my boyfriend thinks they're disgusting, so i get to eat the whole thing myself... and then complain about how my clothes don't fit! haha.

Ace said...

I adore that multi colored dress!