Tuesday, May 6, 2008

While we're on the topic...

photo courtesy of impawards.com

Before there was Kate Moss or Chloe Sevigny, there was Norma Rae and the high-waisted pant. The last time I saw this movie I was 15 and totally mesmerized. A woman with strength, gumption and courage, and these awesome high-waisted jeans and v-neck t-shirts, worn with her hair up in a bun. I never had the nerve to replicate this look in high school, but it stuck with me (10 yrs later!) and made me rejoice over the semi-retirement of low-wasted jeans. Any other Norma Rae fans out there? I need to netflix this and take notes!



Elizabeth Westby said...

Hi girls! My name is Elizabeth Westby, and I work at Atlanta Magazine. We want to enlist your help with an upcoming story-- but I had no way to reach you. Would one of you mind shooting me an e-mail at ewestby@atlantamag.emmis.com? Thanks so much! Love the blog!

AsianCajuns said...

Thanks for contacting us Elizabeth! Look for an email in your inbox.