Saturday, March 1, 2008


I've been a big fan of Stella McCartney's Adidas line since the collaboration began in 2004. She always seems to find the perfect mix of femininity and athleticism with her designs. This season she's expanded her line to include more workout categories like gym dance, gym yoga and gym studio. These new categories are more my speed compared to the others (golf, swim, running and tennis). I'm not really into sports, but, hell, I'd play rugby if it meant I could wear Stella McCartney-designed jersey and shorts.

Dance Tee, Dance Cover Up Legging and Tenram dance shoe:

Yoga Cover Up Tunic and Yoga Tight Legging:

Clockwise from top left: Yoga Layer Tee with Yoga Short, Tennis Dress with Tennis Hot Pant, Yoga Sock with Yanga flat, and Run Cover Up Tank with Running Bag.

Studio Cover Up All-in-One Tight with Ganlen trainers.
See the whole 2008 collection here.



Fashion Tidbits said...

i think the collection is very lovely and comfortable looking

Unknown said...

those tennis socks..... they're like sexy legwarmers. i want them yesterday.

aschlee said...

wow I really like these, they're very fashionable regardless of that fact that it's sports wear. Plus the photography is great, I'd hang these pictures on my wall just as art. Glad you posted this

Alya said...

Stella Ella ella ellaaa..

Makes u want to work out.

AsianCajuns said...

Fashion tidbits, that's what I love about this line.

Belle, they're the perfect size legwarmers - not too bulky.

Aschlee, Stella for Adidas always has then best photos.

You said it Alya!

faithsalutes said...

This makes me want to actually exercise.