Monday, May 28, 2007

Decatur Arts Festival

I've worked a total of 35 hours, Friday through Sunday, at the festival. Putting on an arts fest is hard work. There's the set-up on Friday, organizing 140 artists, checking in volunteers, adding umbrella bubbles to give the festival some atmosphere (see photo in the upper left-hand corner below), setting out signs, organizing the information booths and making sure everything is secure. Let me tell you, it's no walk in the park!

Once the festival began on Saturday, things eased up a little and I got a chance to walk around and enjoy the activities. Luck was on our side because we had great weather all weekend - sunny, breezy with a high of 85 degrees (that's pretty cool for Atlanta in May). The live music was great and a number of the artists had record-breaking sales.
One of my favorite artists at the festival is John Ha. He's a Chinese, Vietnamese painter from Brooklyn. The pictures below don't really do justice to his vibrant and energetic work, which is a bit more edgy than other artists in the show. Lauren bought a print by Ha (I'm holding it in the bottom picture, standing next to the artist). The print is part of Ha's Gold Fish Egg series. The fish (this one's name is Frankie) is still in his egg, hence the rounded background and Frankie's large eyes. Pretty darn great in an asian-inspired, Jackson Pollack-y kind of way.

I wouldn't be able to survive the festival without the support of my friends:

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