Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday in Atlanta

I'm not exactly sure what a perfect Sunday in Atlanta would look like, but today came pretty close. First, brunch at Alon's bakery. The coffee is delicious and the roast beef sandwich made the long lines worth it. Suhel recommends the spicy tuna sandwich and Andrew enjoys washing down his coffee with a whole baguette.

Afterwards, we stopped by Paolo's Gelato. Brunch was very filling, so I got a mini cone of the mint chocolate chip. That's the best dollar I've ever spent. Other recommended gelato flavors are mango and espresso.

To round off the afternoon we played frisbee in the park and tried to enjoy one of the last spring-like days in Atlanta before it turns unbearably hot. They don't call it Hot-lanta for nothing!


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Rwrite said...

Hey dudes!

This is your cousin Tom. Your mom told me about your site. Nice!

I'm happy to see that you are happy and having fun in the south. Drop me a line sometime...

With much love,