Monday, May 21, 2007


Sawicki's Seafood, Meats and More just opened up about two weeks ago in Decatur on Ponce de Leon Ave. Owner Lynne Sawicki was one of the founders of the popular gourmet market, Star Provisions on Howell Mill, so it's no surprise that Sawicki's is stocked with the highest quality seafoods and meats. You can purchase veal, fresh sausage, local pork, beef-Kobe, game birds, caviar, crab meat and anything else your little carnivore heart desires. It's a true butcher shop with a hint of YUPPIE-ness to it.

Given that my budget for buying meat is more appropriate for Super Giant than Sawicki's I decided to spend my hard earned cash on one of the many delux (yet reasonably priced) sandwiches on the Sawicki lunch menu. I highly recommend the tuna panini with kettle chips and a root beer. Then, for dessert you really can't go wrong with the homemade cupcakes. I tried the lemon poppyseed cupcake with fresh strawberry butter icing.

All in all it was a very satisfying experience and even if I can't afford the meat, I'll keep coming back for those cupcakes.

Eating lunch and people-watching at the Sawicki counter.

Lauren enjoying her root beer.