Sunday, May 13, 2007

Gallerinas for a Day

What is a perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon? We're currently hanging out at the Vinson Gallery in Decatur. Owner Shawn Vinson asked us to take charge today while he's out of town. So far only six people have stopped by, but the a/c is working, there's a good jazz CD playing and lots of lovely art to look at, so no complaints here!

A look through the front door

Working hard or hardly working?

Catching up on some reading

Dancing around

Vinson entrance

Gallery headquarters

Charcoal and chair

Works by Ruth Franklin

View from the desk


Jacquelyn said...

The Modern Mother's Lament
Ah, Mother's day, 2007, my virtual daughters, being there in effect if not in fact...better than not seeing them at all.

Sandy said...

guys, i love the blog! kinda makes me want to move to ATL...

AsianCajuns said...

Yeah! Atlanta might not be Brooklyn, but it's pretty great - and much, much cheaper.