Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jewelry Sale

Every spring and fall the DeKalb Rape Crisis Center holds a jewelry sale on the bandstand in Decatur. 100% of the proceeds go towards the center and the jewelry, purses, ties and scarfs are donated throughout the year by local Decaturites solely for the purpose of this great fund raiser.

Somehow, I always manage to miss the sale because I'm working, but today I was in luck. On my way to lunch at Sweet Melissa's I stumbled across the sale packed with fellow avid jewelry bargain hunters. The best thing about this bi-annual sale is that if you buy something that you absolutely hate in two months, then you can donate it back to the center for the next jewelry sale.

The first thing items that caught my eye were the leather purses. The pile at this jewelry sale completely trumps the "baggage" department in the Avondale Salvation Army. One of the volunteers told me that there was a real Louis Vuitton purse in the pile this morning. Imagine purchasing a $2,000 purse for $3. All jewelry is $1-3, purses are $3 and scarfs are $2.

I managed to find a few things. (Take note of my post-shopping glow)
I ended up purchasing one green clutch, a chunky "gold" bracelet and a blue and white silk scarf.

Shopping and donating to charity - not a bad way to spend a lunch break.

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