Monday, March 31, 2008

Anne Finley Jewelry

Oooooo shiny! That's how I judge the extent of my desire for a piece of jewelry. Luckily Cath introduced me to Anne's gorgeous jewelry a few years ago at the Decatur Arts Festival and it's not just shiny, it's also handmade, well-crafted and so reasonably priced (reasons quickly spotted by Cath- the thoughtful consumer).
I know the photos are a bit fuzzy (we're still figuring out this hand-me-down camera). The top photo shows the silver cuff and pinkie ring I picked up at jewelry party she was having at a friend's house. The bottom photo shows a close-up of the ring, which is actually square instead of circular. The sides of the square hug my finger quite nicely... a perfect fit!
If you guys are in town at the end of May (Memorial Day Weekend), you have to stop by the Decatur Arts Festival. Anne and about 200 other extremely talented artist will be hawking their wares. Anne also has a website, though at the moment it just highlights one line of her jewelry. Keep your eyes peeled! I let you know when all of her stuff is up for grabs on the site.



Tabitha said...

LOVE the ring. So chic and cute!

ediot said...

real nice jewelry. love the ring!

AsianCajuns said...

Thanks, Fashion therapist! It is so cute because of it's pinkie proportions.

Ediot, merci! The ring is my fav too!


I love little shorts like these, perfect in black!! :)