Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fringe Benefits

scarf: secondhand (Decatur Estates) shirt: Urban Outfitters cords: Cheap Monday

My favorite purchase of last weekend: two fringe piano scarves, one in black and one in cream. I've already worn them three times this week. When I get bored, I take them off and swirl them around like a flamenco dancer (minus the ruffly dress and castanelas- ole!).

jacket: H&M scarf: secondhand shirt: Urban Outfitters skirt: Express (many moons ago) boots: Target



Ella Gregory said...

I love that black scarf
the whole look and picture is actually amazing!

lara said...

the black scarf is great!!! I really like the outfit!

Mare said...

My shortest comment yet: I want those scarves!!

Anonymous said...

Would you like me to send your castanelas? Ole!

geri hirsch said...

very cool.

heather said...

where do you go thrift shopping as I also live in atlanta

Eli said...

I like how you guys carry on black and white so well all the time

Tinsley said...

omg you look amazing!
one of the best outfits ive seen in many blogs i read!
your room is so nice as well :)

Anonymous said...

v. cute

I am in dire need of such a fringe scarf.

ediot said...

real nice shawls you got. i love shawls. can make an outfit so much better.!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

How fun. I like clothes that can also be playthings!

Secretista said...

I love it!!!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

cute outfit! does your tshirt have a print on it?

L.I.N said...

love the scarf!

Anonymous said...

Great outfit!
Every single piece is perfect.

AsianCajuns said...

Coco, thanks! I have a lot of fun trying to fit myself in our teeny Ikea mirror.

Lara, I liked the outfit so much myself that I worse something quite similar just yesterday ;)

Mare, I can probably still snag one for you! I'll check Decatur Estates this weekend.

Mom, muchisimas gracias! Though I doubt my neighbors will be pleased with my clacking every where.

Addicted, merci!

Heather, Cath and I hit places right by our house in greater Decatur. I picked up these scarves at Decatur Estates (in Suburban Plaza). We also go to Finders Keepers in Avondale and any salvation army stores... we'll do a post on this soon ;)

Eli, why thank you! It was unintentional ;)

Tinsley, that is the sweetest comment and I admire so many of the fashionista bloggers out there!

Something Picasso, I searched for fringe for about a year before I stumbled on to these... hope your search is considerably shorter.

Ediot, I agree! That's why I have so many.

Clothes Horse- me too!

Secretista, thank you!

Fashion Tidbits, the tee actually doesn't have a print, but I think the shadow from the scarf does make a design!

Thanks, Eleh!

Key, thank you! We think the same about much of your outfits ;)

LeWak said...

loving fringe right now

suz said...

hi! i like the way you threw the fringe scarf on :) it ties the look together!

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