Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Resources

After a delicious Easter meal with some friends, I spent the rest of the evening online window shopping. Below are a few new (to me) websites with reasonably-priced items that I bookmarked so I can revisit them on payday.


I stumbled upon Tulle's website the other day. I've never heard of it before. It doesn't have a huge inventory, but I love how each piece has something kind of unexpected about it. Like the sweater below could almost be from Gap if it didn't have that great exaggerated collar.

Tulle's price range is around $50-$70, but the best finds are the items on sale (see the five images below).

Waffle Knit Funnel Collar Sweater $26

Cotton Voile Smocked Tunic $27

Herringbone Tulip Dress $31

Canvas Bib Jacket $32

Poly Knit Retro Dress $26

* * * * *

Etsy: Karen Hilton Designs

Lauren and I have been looking for some Union Jack pillows for our living room. Karen Hilton makes them in almost every color combination you can imagine. Other great Anglophile pillow designs from the store include the Queen Elizabeth II stamps (pictured bellow), flower power-theme and terrior dog portraits.

Queen Elizabeth II Stamp Cushion/Pillow $65

Pink and Green Union Jack Cushion/Pillow $60

* * * * *

Matter Matters

This website mostly has ridiculously expensive accessories and home wares, but there are a handful of affordable items that would make any home look like something featured in Dwell magazine.

Cristal Carafe $55

Still Life Fruit Bowl $95

* * * * *


I fell in love with Muji during my first trip to London. Every item seems so utilitarian and efficient. All the travel and desktop items make me want to be organized. The furniture and kitchen items make me wish that I lived in one of those scarily minimalist homes. So I was quite pleased to learn that the store ships to the U.S.
Cup and Saucer - Heatproof about $6

Square Face Watch about $60

* * * * *


As this cute, little German website states, Smil carries "accessories that make you happy." It's like a German Fred Flare. All the items are so endearing and the creators seem to have an affinity for dachshunds.

Teckel brooch in pink around $14

Air mail pouch about $27

My regular online window shopping usually includes a stop by CB2, Fred Flare, Heliotrope, Asos and Museum of Useful Things.

What are your favorite online window shopping sites?



Romany said...

Waffle knit sweater, Cotton voile tunic, Canvas bib jacket from Tulle; as well as everything from Smil ("accessories that make you happy" -- aww!), especially the air mail pouch!
Nice picks! ;)

Ella Gregory said...

I am in love with that Union Jack cushion
It would actually look so nice on my sofa! I want it bad!

LeWak said...

love the matter matters site

Clare said...

OMG this is a great post! I'm dying over that tea cup...I collect them but I'm always looking for cute modern ones and I have a see-thru teapot already! Great finds!

Nicole Then said...

the airmail is so cute! and I love the photoframe over the apples. so cool ;) nice post

Anonymous said...

I actually have a bracelet sleeve jacket from Tulle that I really love. Their web site is limited but they have a very distinctive look that really appeals to me. I might have to pick up that sweater, even though it's very much the wrong time of year.

Secretista said...

I'm in love with Tulle now.

I lovee I've bought boots from there that didn't really fit, but I'm tempted to buy some of their clothing.

Sally Jane Vintage said...

Great finds! I'll have to check some of those sites out.

decaturite said...

I forwarded along the Tulle link to my wife.

She noted that their stuff is available at Kaleidoscope and Squash Blossom in downtown Decatur in case anyone wanted to check out their stuff in person!

AsianCajuns said...

Romany, I'm really tempted to purchase the air mail pouch - it definitely makes me happy!

Coco, I feel the same way. The union jack pillow is going on my need/want list.

Lewak, matter matters is a lot of fun, but not super easy on the wallet.

Clare, we collect tea cups too! How funny! I love the clear cups - the seem so Scandinavian to me.

Nicole Then, yeah, the frame fruit bowl is genius!

Ambika, did you purchase your Tulle jacket from the website or at a store? The sales prices are almost too good to pass up.

Secretista, I've never actually bought anything from Go Jane, but I should because the clothes are super cheap.

Sally Jane, let me know if get anything from the sites.

Decaturite, how could I have missed that?! I've been in Squash Blossom and Kaleidoscope this week and didn't notice the Tulle clothing. It could be that I focus more on the price tag than the labels (at times I can be more cheap than fashionable). Thank your wife for me!