Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dalton Art Gallery at Agnes Scott College

sweater: H&M
dress: Miss Selfridges
boots: Minnetonka

You should visit! It's truly one of the best galleries in Atlanta (and I'm not just saying that because we attended Agnes Scott and I majored in Art History... I mean it). Lisa, the curator, has a terrific eye. The art is always probing, intriguing and alluring. Even if you go to a show and you think "my cat could do that!" (the art historian in me cringes...ouch!), try to let those notions go and just look and keep looking. (Need some Art History 101? None better than Sister Wendy. Seriously. Check her out too).
Okay, not a contemporary art person (again, just give it a chance!)? How about architecture?!
The Dalton Gallery is in the Dana Fine Arts building on Agnes Scott's Campus. A c.1950s treat/horror. Very "modern" with an attempt to appease the traditional at the same time. Talk about intriguing. Here's a peep at the inside:

The current show at the gallery is entitled "The Possibility of Framing Infinity."
Cath strikes a few poses in front of a forest of possible frames of the infinite... (okay, maybe I don't always 'get it' either... still so fun! Or for Cath, contemplative):



Lynn said...

The gallery looks wonderful indeed. LOVE the mural.

Secretista said...

You blend so well with the art!

ediot said...

looks like a fun exhibition!

AsianCajuns said...

Thanks guys! Dalton Gallery is one of my favorite spaces in Atlanta and it always has great exhibitions.

Nicole Then said...

haha nice pictures!