Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Vegan Purse

I am sooo very pleased with my new bag from Vivid Boutique (in Decatur, GA). When it comes to food, I am neither a vegan nor vegetarian. However, I prefer most of my fashion frivolities to be animal cruelty free.
If any of you are ever this way, you must stop by Vivid. Apart from having a complete line of vegan-friendly purses, Christina (the nicest shop owner ever!) carries deliciously scented candles, gorgeous handmade necklaces (we own a few), aprons, monogrammed soaps, gift items, and small home decor. Incredibly it is all reasonably priced (almost everything is under $100... for handmade loot!). The store is also unabashedly and unapologetically girlie in a elegant/shabby chic way... which is a soothing respite from super trendy boutiques that we love, but tire of every once and a while.



Lynn said...

Pretty purse and lovely mantelpiece (is that it?).

dance with me forever said...

pretty purse, and i love the color!

Fashion Tidbits said...

lurve the bag! that is one of the exact colours i think of when i think of summer!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous purse and the shop sounds right up my alley.

Ella Gregory said...

That is one hot bag
I love the colour

DC Goodwill Fashionista said...

Love it! Is that their own brand? How can I get it in DC? -the DCGF

P.S. - I blogrolled you and due to the beauty of alphabetization, you're #1 on my list. Good job.

J.M. Powell said...

that color is amazing!

AsianCajuns said...

Lynn, that is actually our Ikea console. We would love to have a mantel, but alas our Atlanta apartment has no need for a fireplace... boo.

Helvetica, thanks... the color is what first caught my eye.

Fashion Tidbits, that's what I thought too! I have a very serviceable brown and black purse, but this turquoise is so much breezier.

Ambika, thanks! It truly is an amazing shop!

Coco, merci beaucoup!

DC, we will blogroll ya too! We realized fairly early on that Asian Cajun worked to our advantage over CajunAsian ;)

Juliam, the color seriously makes me smile every time I look at my purse... so I spend much of the day looking stupidly bemused.

Anonymous said...

Grey skies here - that purse is the perfect antidote.

AsianCajuns said...

Jacquelyn, glad this purse could make your day sunny!

Note to Lar (from the other half of AsianCajuns) we've had DC Goodwill on our blogroll for months!

Love, catherine

miznyc said...

oh that purse is stunning.