Saturday, March 8, 2008


I love stocking up on cheap sunglasses. I have about ten pairs and none of them are over $15. Below are two more that I purchased this week from

I've been eying these Swan Lake sunglasses for a while. In addition to the name (reminds me of my ballet days), I love the retro look to them and the color will work with black or brown accessories.

I have quite a few large-framed sunglasses, but these Victoria sunglasses (yep, named after Posh) take the cake. I love them - especially the "gold" detailing. At first glance they might seem a little over-the-top and they take up half my face, but at least they provide a lot of protection against the sun!


Alya said...
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Alya said...

I loooooove the Swan Lake glasses!! Sooo cute!

I have a large collection of cheap & expensive sunglasses as well, and I can never have enough!

Anonymous said...

eexactly the same with me - i'd never pay more than, say, 20€ for one, but i wouldn't mind buying five in a week.

Anonymous said...

every girl needs at least 3 pairs of humongo shades! I love the swan lake ones-fred flare is my love!

Anonymous said...

Oh god, I know what you mean. I always end up leaving Forever 21 with a pair of sunglasses. I got the same dress from the Jovovich-Hawk collection for Target. The only thing is that it's really lacey that if you style it incorrectly, I'll end up looking like a Gothic Lolita girl or a cowgirl.

alana said...

ohhh yum! i am uber addicted to sunnies, those are gorgeous - love the swan lake ones. i'm going to have to visit that website.. if i plummet into debt due to my sunglass addiction, i'll blame you!

AsianCajuns said...

Alya, the best part about the Swan Lake glasses is that they're so cheap - only $10. I saw them same pair at for more than twice as much.

Lisa, you're right. It's hard to feel guilty when you have more than 5 pairs for under $100.

She Fahshun, isn't fred flare the best?

Miss ATL, I can't wait to hear how you style your new Jovovich-Hawk dress!

Alana, I'm innocent! You can't go into debt with $10 per pair ;).

Unknown said...

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