Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Chair

We swiped this from Wordsmiths (amazing bookstore in Decatur... soon to rule the literary south east) when they were moving (new location on the square downtown. Locals, if you haven't checked this place out, you seriously need to hoof it on ovah!).
Doesn't this chair look kind of Eames-esque? Cath and I have lusted after these chairs since Wordsmiths opened last year (I have visual proof right here. We didn't swipe this black one because it doesn't go with our decor as well). What do you guys, think? We are excited that we have a cool modern piece in our home that might be older than the rest of our stuff form Ikea combined! Woot, woot!



Romany said...

Love the chair - I would even have it my house. I'd hassle my parents until they let up, of course.

bronwyn said...

Stunning gals....very mid century modern. Love it!

lara said...

yeah the chair is great!! I really like the individual elements and all together does it look great !!

Anonymous said...

The chair is awesome--the first thing I thought was that it was kind of Eames-ish. Lucky score.

Anonymous said...

Great chair, I love it. Wouldn't it look great with a mid-century, low profile, couch? I know where you can get does need to be recovered but would look fantastic with the chair.

Alya said...

Good eye girls! Way to go!

AsianCajuns said...

Romany, we're sure your parents couldn't say no to a stylish freebie! We hope not for your sake!

Bronwyn, thank you! We lurve it too!

Lara, well thank you... we'd love to be amateur prop stylists!

Ambika, exactly! I was shocked that when I googled his chairs, there was nothing remotely like this. But I still call it Eames-ish if not -esque.

Anonymous, would that happen to be a certain couch that resides in a certain living room in a certain neighborhood in Maryland? We couldn't agree more ;)

Thanks, Alya!